Monday, February 27, 2006

Then our skin gets thicker from living out in the snow

Yay! We had a great weekend in New Hampshire. It was extra-frosty cold, which meant that KB's plan of outdoor fun with Nolan was limited to one five-minute sojurn on a sled, which Nolan quickly put the kibosh on. Witness the displeasure:

We gotta toughen that boy up, if ever our hopes to raise the 2022 Olympic Winter Games Snowboarding champion are to be satisfied.

Speaking of snowboarding, YAY! I had such a blast. Apparently, it is similar to riding a bike, except flatter, missing the wheels and on snow. Nolan stayed at the condo with KB, Alan and Kathleen, and I got to go to the mountain, Mt. Sunapee, all by myself. I had to re-acquaint myself with all the things I love and hate about snowboarding.

Love: Flying down the hill carving perfect turns without falling down. Hate: Falling over while getting off the lift on the kiddie hill. Love: Meeting random people on the lift and having 4.3 minute conversations that always end with "Have a great run!" Hate: Listening to self-absorbed high school boys on the lift talk about which girls "want them," Winter Formal, and their iPods. Love: Sitting in the summit lodge looking out over the gorgeous view of a large portion of New Hampshire. Hate: Paying $3.50 for a bottle of water in the lodge cafeteria. Love: 7-year olds in the lodge who come up to you and say, "Hi! What's your name?" completely at random. Hate: Seeing those same 7-year olds whizz by me in the terrain park after I've just done a spectacular face plant. Love: A storm that dumps 10 inches of fresh powder on Saturday afternoon when I know I'm coming back on Sunday. Hate: Driving back to the condo in the storm with BMW-driving assholes who think the laws of physics don't apply to them. Love: Landing a jump in the terrain park. Hate: Being so astonished at myself for landing the jump that I promptly wipe out. Love: Getting home in the afternoon exhausted and happy to a warm condo that smells of soup. Hate: Giant bruises on my knees and ass (you'd think I'd have plenty of padding) and being sore for days.

In short, I had an excellent time, and I hope it isn't another three years before I get to go again.

Thanks for reading.

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Erica Mulherin said...

Yay! I am so glad you had fun!