Friday, February 17, 2006

She likes her hair to be real orange

Nolan has a book called "Windows to Color." It's from the Baby Einstein company, which I'm not really "into" as a parent, but we got it as a gift, so who am I to look a gift book in the mouth?

(I'm not sure I understand the whole philosophy of the Baby Einstein thing - the one experiment that was done on the so-called "Mozart Effect," in which classical music played while students were studying was thought to improve their brains, was conducted on college students. Not babies. And was later discredited and found to be mostly glitches in the data and not an actual improvement at all. So the idea that you can play certain music [or in this case, watch certain videos/read certain books/play with certain toys] and improve your baby's brain is just, well, nonsense. But I totally understand the desire to WANT to do that for your baby. I just don't think buying a DVD for $29.99 is the way to do it. You may have to actually...oh...I don't know...interact with your baby.)

But anyway. This book, Windows to Color, is pretty cute, as baby books tend to be. The idea is that each of five colors (yellow, blue, orange, red and green) is introduced with a famous painting that has that particular color predominantly in it. Then some characteristics of the color are mentioned, with a little cut-out window into the next page, which then has lots of objects that are that color. For example, blue: The first page is Marc Chagall's Blue Village and the words "cool" "deep" and "sky." Then you turn the page and there are some blueberries, a blue butterfly, a sky with clouds in it, etc.

But here's the thing: The page for red has, how shall I say, some weirdly inappropriate sexual innuendo. The painting is Georgia O'Keefe's Red Canna, which is to say, it's one of her vagina flowers. On the opposite page is a heart-shaped cutout and the words "hot" "rich" and "exciting." This, I think, is weird enough, but then when you turn the page, one of the red objects, a fire engine, has the number 69 on the front of it! (The others are a red rose and a ladybug.)

Is that weird? Is it just me? Is my brain totally reading sexual weirdness into something completely innocent?

I leave it to you, my tens of readers, to decide.

Thanks for reading.

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