Thursday, February 16, 2006

Been through the desert on a horse with no name

I took this photo in my backyard yesterday afternoon. We have a little stream that runs downhill across the back of our property, and there's a nice pattern of snow and rocks formed by the remnants of Sunday's Great Nor'Easter of Ought Six. Every time I see snow on those rocks I think of this painter Bev Doolittle, who is well known in the West (I think she's from Wyoming, where I grew up) but not too famous, as far as I know, in other parts of the world. My dentist had signed prints of hers in his office, and lots of my friends' parents had her prints in their houses. She does Western-themed paintings of bears, Indians, wolves, that kind of stuff, but with little hidden images everywhere - things you have to look closely to see. I always thought her work was a wee bit on the cheesy side - her picture descriptions tend to say things like "A broken song beneath the snow, the echo of a soaring joy, a shape in the mist, a touch in the rain, in wilderness you come tell us what we used to speak for all the free wild things whose ways were ours when the wind had wings." Which makes me go "Ecchhh." But she was quite popular in Wyoming.

Oops. I see from her online biography that she's actually from California. Huh. Anyway, take a look at and check out the paintings "Three More For Breakfast" and "Pintos" (and others, if you're so inclined) and see if they don't remind you a wee bit of my backyard. Of course, we don't have any bears or horses in our backyard that I'm aware of, but I have seen a scraggly-looking coyote a couple of times.

As for me, I will try to figure out how to put links into my blog text so next time you can just click on them.

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