Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's black, it's white

As usual, the Onion said it better than I ever could...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

He's been king now for so long; his days are numbered

Just came from doing my patriotic duty and voting.

Polls weren't too crowded - I went at 10:30 am to avoid the pre-work rush and the lunch-break rush. Saw a neighbor working one of the tables and was momentarily envious. I feel like this is the kind of thing all this moving around shit has robbed me of - the chance to get settled enough to actually start living life and doing things I want to be doing, like volunteering at the polls, rather than busting my ass polishing the fucking stainless steel in my kitchen every time some yahoo wants to take a look at our house.

But anyway. I digress. (No! Me?)

It's weird to me to think of anyone actually wanting to be president, especially with our country in the condition it is now. I think you have to have some kind of low-level insanity going on to even consider taking on that kind of stress. "Economy in ruins? International regard for our country at an all-time low? Health care a shambles? Sign me up!" Fucking crazy, man. So the idea of intentionally voting for someone who not only wants to be president but thinks they can DO something about all that's just amazing.

We need to figure out a way to get the most qualified person who couldn't want the job less into office. The guy* who just wants to be at home with his spouse playing Scrabble or whatever. Who's not interested in establishing some sort of Washington legacy of power to continue his "vision." Who would be motivated to get things done quickly with minimal bullshit so he could go watch the football game. (Who also, of course, happens to have decades of experience dealing with economic issues, international governments, and multi-billion dollar corporations. You know, that guy.) Someone who would have to be nominated by his peers, not someone who would announce his candidacy on a televised talk show with a series of bulleted talking points. And the panel of peers who nominated him would have to explain why he was the best choice, rather than have the guy himself do it. (I think that's what bothers me about McCain's incessant repetition of his supposed "maverick" status. If you have to say it about yourself, dude...I just don't buy it.)

I think that may be what's appealing to some people about Sarah Palin (not to me, mind you...I'm just saying.) That "regular Joe" shit. "Hey, she has a vagina...I have a vagina...she's just like me!" Of course with Palin it's all marketing, she's just as much into cronyism and under-the-table dealings as any other politician. But there's definitely an appeal to having someone represent us who's just like us. I think that's what McCain was hoping for - an identification that would go beyond politics.

That also may be why Obama does so well even with people who have no idea what his policies are or what effect electing him will have on the country. People see a multi-racial man raised by a single mother who has worked hard and ascended the ranks of society to become a candidate for President. That's the embodiment of the American dream, right there, is what that is. He is more like the population of this country than the decades of old white men who have been representing us for so long are.

Will he be a good president? I hope so. I just voted for the man. But he obviously wants it, too. He's not going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the White House going, "Nooooo! I just bought Cubs season tickets!"

This theory (such as it is) also applies to parenting, by the way. I now have several acquaintances, both friends and family, who have announced their decision to deliberately remain childless. And I totally respect that - kids upend your life, in more ways than you can ever hope to predict. But I also feel like it's a bit of a loss for the kids, because at least these people have thought about it, you know? They took the time to look at the pros and cons and decide what was best for themselves, and someone who can do that could do the same for children. And probably do a lot better job than the nineteen-year-old and her boyfriend who go "Oops, we're pregnant...guess we'll get married." offense, Mom.

OK, I'll shut up, now.

Except to say to Dru and Rose and Ebony I wish I could be voting in Cali today, man.** My NO ON 8 would be heard 'round the world.

Thanks for reading.

*I mean that in a pan-sexual way, of course. Can we all just agree that "guy" means any person? Male or female? I appreciate that some people have tried really hard to have "gal" mean the same sort of thing, only for women, but it just ain't working, folks.

**Ditto for "man."