Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm taken with the notion

Looks like I spoke (or typed) too soon. The computer is once again on the fritz. I've had to resort to actually taking the laptop downstairs into our basement and (gasp!) physically plugging it into the modem. Dear lord, what is the world coming to and all that. This means that I am once again limited to getting on the computer when Nolan is asleep, because he's not real thrilled about hanging out in the Pack-n-Play in the basement any more.

So, I'll keep this quick. Here are some baby pictures. My friend and fellow new-mom Christa showed me some baby pictures of herself, and they look exactly like current pictures of her daughter, Samantha. I was inspired to go look for some baby pictures of me to see if they resembled Nolan at all (or rather, if Nolan resembled them.) The first one is me at about eighteen months, I'm guessing, judging by the Easter-type colors that were prevalent in the other pictures that were with it. So, about 30 years ago this time of year. The second one is Nolan enjoying his Easter present sent to him yesterday by his great-grandmother, my Mom-mom. (The actual present was three teddy bears (three!) and two books, but, Nolan being Nolan, he was much more interested in the box and the card. Specifically, chewing on both of them.)

He's only ten months at the moment, but I think you can see a wee bit of a resemblance.

Thanks for reading.

CORRECTION: My mother was here over Easter weekend and she informs me that the top picture is actually me at about 12 months - she thinks it may have been taken at my first birthday party - so the age difference between the two photos is pretty small.


Electric Mayhem said...

Aww, baby Joy!

Awww, Nolan in a box! Now you can send him to CAJ, special delivery of course.

Now we have photographic evidence - he totally has your eyes.

Adams said...

Nah. I don't see it. Who did you steal that baby from?

Kidding! Of course that kid looks like you. I can only assume that when you and your husband and baby walk down the street, you look like the Farkles.

Hey! I saw on tv that there is some show (details are for suckers, yo) where they show you what your baby will look like at age 40! Duuuuuuude! You have to have that done! It doesn't look like that creepy age-progression for crime bureaus, either.

zachdb said...

Huzzah! Baby Joy! How fascinating it is that I could look at your photo without context and still be all, "Hey, that's Rule" -- that we can recognize the individual even though the adult is so different from the baby. Ahh, the glory of being human.
Anyway, you should post baby photos of KB next, so we can complete the comparison!

thptpth said...

Hmmm...that's a good idea. I'll have to find some KB baby photos. The youngest one I have of him is when he's two, so I'll have to ask his mom.