Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'll tell anyone whose heart can comprehend, baby

We've been having computer problems here at Chez Thptpth. KB has started a new moonlighting gig at another hospital near us, and they needed him to install software on his laptop so he could basically work from home - they would send him what he needed over this network software they had him install. Well, every time he installed the software, our home wireless network went down. Which kind of made the software moot, because he needed to access the internet to get the work from the hospital. Uninstall the software, hey look! There's the wireless network again! So all of last week there was much sturm und drang surrounding the computer. At one point we had to take the laptop in to the hospital's IT department who, in the oh-so-helpful way of IT departments everywhere, said, "It's working fine for us. It must be something with your network, not our software." Then we found out that a couple of KB's co-workers who also moonlight at this place had problems with the software, and it's like, "Hmmm."

So the upshot is, it's still not working. We finally just uninstalled the software again so we could use the friggin' computer. (We have another, old, slow desktop computer at home, which is how I managed my one measly post last week, but it is sloooooooow. Did I mention the slowness?) The lesson we've learned here is that old cliche "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." We need to move some of our vital info off of this computer and onto either another computer or an external hard drive, 'cause if this one dies, we're screwed.

So other than that, things are pretty much status quo around here. My dad left to go overseas with the Army yesterday, after several delays while he was at Fort Benning, in Georgia. Apparently the Army has some doubts as to my father's clinical skills since he's no longer a practicing physician, but rather a medical director for an insurance company, even though he keeps his license current and takes all of his CME credits. Of course, they didn't bring up these doubts while he was still happily at home in Nebraska, but rather, once he got to Georgia. And they didn't bother to factor in that he went to Ecuador with the Army in November for two weeks and demonstrated his perfectly fine clinical skills there. (I know, you're shocked - the Army is not a model of efficiency and good communication? Preposterous!) So their brilliant solution to this problem is to send him first to Germany for a couple of weeks so he can work under another physician and show them he's still got what it takes, doctor-wise. Did I mention my dad is a Colonel? So the time he spends in Germany won't count towards his BOG (Boots On Ground) 90 days that he's officially supposed to be gone. Which just means that he'll be gone that much longer. *sigh*

Anyway. That's the haps 'round these parts. I'm going to try to get back into the routine of posting on a regular basis, if only for my own need to feel connected with the world somehow. Thank god the computer's working.

Thanks for reading.


Electric Mayhem said...

*ahem* Xdrive.

thptpth said...

How could I use Xdrive? If I can't get on the internet in the first place, I can't get to Xdrive, right?

Please, tell me if there's a way, and I'll use it in the future!

thptpth said...

Never mind, I just figured out what you meant. You meant store some of our precious data on Xdrive.


Electric Mayhem said...


Good luck with your Dad, too.