Monday, March 13, 2006

Tell me something good

My dad got his orders from the Army. He's definitely going. March 29th he has to report to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Then from there he goes to Fort Benning, Georgia, and then overseas. They're still saying Kosovo, for the moment.

I was reading the paper this morning and found an article about how Milosevic just died in jail a month before his alloted defense time in his trial was up. They say it was a heart attack - I hope the fucker died because he was finally overcome with remorse and guilt over all the people he killed. Probably not, though. I hope there won't be any more mishegass* in Serbia like there was six years ago. Apparently popular opinion there is pretty generally upset that the war crimes tribunal took so long that the guy died. People feel like they didn't get justice.

So that's the atmosphere my dad will be going into. The Army has told him six months, which may put him back in the US around September. I just hope the government keeps its word. (Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Yeah, right. How naive is that?)

I was able to talk to him this weekend and tell him why I was upset he didn't tell us sooner - maybe we could have changed our travel plans over the holidays and come see him before he left. His POV was that since the Army sent him an e-mail (that was how they first told him he'd be shipping out) he wanted to wait and see if it was for real - he didn't see any point in upsetting people until he knew for sure he'd be going. I guess I can understand that.

I'm still bummed, however. Hopefully he will have e-mail. He definitely will not have his cell phone. Maybe he'll read this site? Who knows.

Thanks for reading.

*Yes, I realize "mishegass" is probably not an adequate word to describe government-instituted genocide and years of civil war. I don't, however, know enough about what happened in the Balkans to be more politically astute about it, so "mishegass" will have to suffice.

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