Thursday, March 16, 2006

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

Aaaaaaaaand the good news just keeps on comin'.

KB's mother is in the hospital. Her friend took her in last night after her regular doctor said she needed to go to the emergency room. She had an emergency appendectomy last night at 9pm.

We're waiting to hear how it went. Supposedly, an appendectomy is fairly routine and shouldn't be a big deal. Her appendix hadn't ruptured, so that's good. If it ruptures, they usually keep you in the hospital for a week. No rupture, 1 to 3 days.


Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: She's doing well. They're keeping her overnight tonight for observation, but the surgery went exactly as it should. She'll be out of commission for a few days and will miss a planned weekend trip to Calistoga (bummer!) but otherwise, she's okay. Thank goodness.


zachdb said...

Aww! I'm sending positive thoughts out into the universe. Let KB and Anne know I'm thinking of 'em and hoping all is well.

Also, I think I screwed up and commented twice on your previous entry. They're identical. You can ignore one of them. I'm a dork.

Adams said...

I think that KB is yer main man, right? I don't know who you are hanging with these days. Seriously. I know you have a child, and I think you have a husband. Anyway, if this "KB" IS yer main man, then I am sending good vibes to you guys on this situation. It looks like things are ok, so I'll just send up some prayers that they stay that way.