Monday, February 25, 2008

You think you're tired now, well wait until 3

Hey, how about them Oscars, huh? Were they long, or what?

But seriously, folks. Did anybody watch the whole thing? Really? I told myself I was going to watch everything, just because I could (KB had no interest and I managed to get Nolan in bed by 8, so I was free to sit there and tube out for four hours) but in the end, I had to skip some of it, it was just so tedious. I found myself flipping back and forth between the Oscars and something on the BBC America with Michael Palin and a flimsy excuse to show all his favorite Python skits. Even when I wanted to want to care (like when the 98-year-old Production Designer/Art Director dude was giving his speech) I just couldn't.

Although I did find some serendipitous moments of switching back and forth between the two, such as clicking to the BBC and the architect/abbatoir/block of flats sketch with John Cleese screaming, "You sit there on your loathsome spotty behinds, squeezing blackheads, not caring a tinker's cuss about the struggling artist..." and then back to the Oscars to see Cameron Diaz trying not to yawn while listening to Robert Boyle (the above-mentioned Honorary Oscar recipient).

I was surprised by a number of the winners: I had thought Julie Christie would win Best Actress and Ruby Dee Best Supporting Actress, simply because the Academy likes to give Oscars to the older long-haul actors who've never won (or, in Christie's case, who won so long ago it was like a different career). Funnily enough, I thought Marion Cotillard's and Tilda Swinton's acceptance speeches were two of the best of the night - perhaps because they weren't really expecting to win and were able to be more spontaneous in their remarks.

I was dismayed to see Diablo Cody win for Juno - it was a cute and funny film, but there's no way in hell that was a better-written screenplay than Michael Clayton. (Plus I find her tremendously annoying personality-wise. Note to "Diablo" [I know that's not her real name]: You are not Bettie Page. Nor are you Louise Brooks. If we all just agree that you're a bad ass, will you please stop showing us your tattoos?) I was betting on Paul Thomas Anderson for director, too, mostly because There Will Be Blood seemed to me to be more the quintessential American picture (Corporate Greed versus Religious Fervor - hey! It IS America!) than No Country For Old Men. I thought the Messers Coen would get the Adapted Screenplay nod (as they did) but that Blood would win for Picture and Director. Shows how much I know.

And now I have two more movies to add to my Netflix list - The Bourne Ultimatum (which won in both Sound categories), because I didn't realize it was directed by Paul Greengrass and had dismissed it as another money-sucking sequel (even though the first two kicked ass, I have to say), and Enchanted, which looked to me from the previews I saw to be another sappy Disney princess-in-peril schlockfest, but which after hearing the three nominated songs I might have to reconsider, as they seemed just snarky enough to make for a fun movie (particularly for those of us who had a seriously Little Mermaid-influenced adolescence).

And Jon Stewart was great. I like that he's not really a Hollywood guy - he does his thing and then gets out of the way of the awards and winners and lets them do their thing. If he comes up with a funny quip spontaneously, he'll throw it in there, but he doesn't force it (a la Billy Crystal). Plus he gave that Czech singer a chance to give her speech, which I thought was very sweet. (That movie, Once, is on the list for my Movies with Geriatrics course, so I don't have to Netflix it.)

But why wasn't Roy Schieder in the "We're Sad They're Dead" montage with Heath Ledger? Did he not make the deadline?

So anyway. What'd you guys think?

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I'll announce the poll winner once I finish tabulating all three of the responses I got!


Adams said...

Somewhere in LA, Broccoli is wondering how I've managed to hold myself back for so long from jumping in with a hallelujah holler on the Diablo Cody diss. Well, let me just say to all and sundry: I no longer have the energy to hate Mizz Cody. I have not and probably never will see Juno, but that's because I talk to enough snarky young white people during the day for free; I don't need to pay my hard-earned field negro dollars to watch them emote all against their better judgment. But hey -- kudos to Diabolo (I find that I have a lot more fun saying her name when I add a syllable) for blowing the eff up this year. In the year of the rat, I am exuding nothing but support for my fellow scribes.

And that includes you, Athener--get back to work.

Electric Mayhem said...

Re: Fellow Broc, I hate her enough for both of us.

The only snarky white person you need

Adams said...

Yes, but are you writing?! You better be. I want to read the next Long Black Veil that you write.

I am not writing, by the way. I am reading Star Trek fanfic.

You're amazed that I manage to be this cool and stay humble, aren't you?

Zach said...

I must admit I watched the entire broadcast... including some of the E! red carpet coverage, despite the dead-eyed visage of Seacrest. However, I also admit to only half paying attention because I was also engaged in some serious knitting.

'Once' was lovely, love the soundtrack, happy they won, nice Marketa got her chance to speak.

Haven't seen 'Enchanted' but it's on my list... Zoe's dad was the editor. Plus, James Marsden and Patrick Dempsey!

Also, I rather enjoyed Juno. Does that make me a bad person?