Thursday, December 11, 2008

Everything seems to be up in the air at this point

Just a quick note to say I'll be on hiatus for a week-ish. We're moving this weekend and we won't have internet (aieee!) in Richmond until the 27th. Friggin' Verizon. But we'll be staying with my dad and stepmom for a few days over Christmas, so there should be some opportunity to get online then, I hope.

In case I don't get to say it at the appropriate time, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukah and a Kickin' Kwanzaa and a Groovy Winter Solstice and all that. Nolan knows that Santa will be looking for him at Grandma and Pappy's house, so don't worry about him. They will have a tree and decorations up, and we'll bring our stockings.

Hope y'all's holidays are happy and healthy. Best wishes for 2009.

Thanks for reading.

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