Friday, October 03, 2008

Judy in disguise

Well, you knew it was inevitable. KB is nearsighted, I'm nearsighted, now we come to find that The Boy is nearsighted.

We went to a pediatric opthamologist last week, and her exact words were, "This isn't the strongest prescription I've ever written for a three year old...but it's close." So we went to the optician the next day and Nolan picked out frames - it was a close decision between purple Power Rangers frames and the bronze ones he eventually decided on. I would have gotten him the purple ones if he really wanted them, since he's the one that has to wear the things, but in my heart of hearts I'm glad he picked the plain bronze ones.

Isn't he painfully, painfully adorable?


My little nerdling.

Thanks for reading.


Mrs. Swank said...

The cuteness! It is truly painful! Particularly when it comes to the expression on his face in the one where he's wearing the orange shirt ...

chris said...

omg! I could just squeeze him. He looks like such a big boy!

Hopeu are feeling well.

Zach said...

Awww! And suddenly he looks like he is a 7th grader.
Nerdlings will inherit the earth.

Erica said...

Oh. My. God. The absolute most adorable site I have ever seen. You are totally right..,painfully adorable.