Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where they lie so long, beneath the seasons

Well, you wouldn't really know it from the freezing cold rain we're having, but spring is officially here.

Last fall, KB's mom was out here for a visit and she showed me how to plant bulbs (me being the non-gardenically inclined sort) and now the flowers are coming up!

I feel kind of bad for the crocuses - they're popping up all cheerful and perky and then getting smashed and trampled by the sleet/slush/hail crap we've been getting all week.

I love that they're even blooming at all, though. I feel all proud and boastful, like, "Look what I did!" even though all I did was dig the holes and put the food and bulbs in. It's fun, though, seeing my handiwork coming to fruition. Pretty magical, too, thinking that all those bulbs have just lain there dormant all winter and now somehow know to come sprouting up. I should be getting some tulips and daffodils and some other flower whose name I have forgotten, too. (Hyacinth? Can that be right?)

Ah, nature. All organic and biological and green and good.

Yay, flowers!


Electric Mayhem said...

Yay, Nolan and flowers!

And thanks for the card!

Zach said...

Aww, hooray for spring! (Assuming, of course, that the beauty of new life wasn't just stamped out by another round of freezing snow and/or ice...)
Living, as I do, in a mild climate surrounded by concrete, I really miss getting my hands dirty and enjoying the transition between seasons.
So rejoice in your thriving bulbs a little extra for me.
(And I'll bet they are hyacinth - the 4 old reliables are crocuses, tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinth)

thptpth said...

Yep, I just checked my labels from the bags of bulbs (handily filed away in my Rubbermaid bin labeled "Gardening" - I may just be a convert to this whole organization thing) and the other flowers are indeed hyacinth. "Carnegie" and "Jan Bos" varieties, to be precise. Not that I know what the hell that means.

And Rose, you are very welcome for the card. Sorry it was so dreadfully late, and happy b-day again!