Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart

Aaaaaaaand we're back.

Remember how in my last post I said how happy I was that we were flying down to NJ because I couldn't do another long drive? Yeah. I jinxed it. The Philly airport was fogged in pea-soup style Thursday night, and our flight was delayed four and a half hours. So we got into my mom's at 2:30 in the morning Friday. Uch. Nolan was all wound up the whole night, he had more energy than either of us - he was running around Logan airport in his dinosaur PJs wreaking havoc. We were about ready to bag it and go home when they finally boarded the flight. I guess it could have been worse - we could have been stuck sitting on the plane for four and a half hours like the previous flight to Philly was.

But the weekend itself was good. Everyone we met at the Princeton group was awesomely normal - down-to-earth, honest folk. They're heavily involved in the community, and everyone seems to have lives outside of work, which is great. I think if KB got a job offer from either this group or the one in South Jersey, we'd be happy. We saw lots of great neighborhoods with walkable, cute little downtowns and great public schools.

I got a little spoiled, I think, because my mom watched Nolan both Saturday and Sunday while KB and I did the real estate tours and the meet-and-greets with the radiology folks. I got to have adult conversations without being interrupted seventeen times, I got to sit down and eat an entire meal that wasn't lukewarm, and I got to drink alcoholic beverages. It was pretty sweet. So the transition back to real life here was a tough one. It was like, "Oh yeah. Just me and Pint Size here all day, by ourselves. Fabulous."

He's getting very defiant, my little man. It's like someone whispered in his ear while he was sleeping "You're supposed to be a toddler now, kiddo. Enough with the sweet compliant baby attitude - you gotta start individuating, man! Let's hear some rebellion!" And he listened.

It's not just the saying, "No!" all the time (although he's excellent at that), it's more that he's willfully disobeying me, like, all the time. He'll look right at me and keep doing whatever it is I've asked him not to do, and when I go over to remove him from the forbidden item (like our Christmas tree) he laughs and squeals like it's all a big game. I think (alright, honestly? I know for a fact) I inherited a bit of a temper from my dad, and I get worried that I won't be able to control myself when Nolan's pushing my buttons like that. Not that I would ever hit him, that's not it, but that I'll yell and scream and say things I really don't mean and scar him for life.


I gotta check out what some of the parenting books say on discipline. I guess this is going to be my parenting M.O. - play it by ear until you run out of ideas, and then consult the oracles for help.

So now we just have to wait to hear from the radiology groups. Hopefully we'll have an offer (or maybe, hoping against hope, two offers) by the end of this week. I think KB feels good that we've done as much as we can to make a good impression on these groups, and now we just have to leave it in their hands. Yipe. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Thanks for reading.

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