Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mase, Mase, how you like your buddy?

So I cut my hair.


Like, really short.

Even shorter than it was before. Way shorter. It's pretty much lesbian length now. (Butch lesbian, not lipstick lesbian.)

I like it. I was worried for a mintue that it was going to turn out like middle-aged-lady-one-inch-all-over-bubble-head kind of hair, but I narrowly escaped that heinous fate. It's a little longer on top than it is in the back and sides. I figured if I was going to have short hair, I might as well go the whole way.

I found a stylist that I like at this local place downtown. I've gone to her the last few months since we came back from my mom's last fall, when I initially got it cut from its previous below-shoulder-length. She's totally unpretentious and she usually knows what I'm talking about as far as my hair goes. (Like if I say, "Please don't make me look like a middle-aged lady," she knows what I mean.)

The weird thing is, I think I lost some curl in my hair after Nolan was born*. It's still curly, of course, but it doesn't seem to be as curly as it used to be. I took a picture of myself in LA from a few years ago with me to the stylist the first time, showed it to her, and said, "Give me that." I figured, I used to have my hair like this, it shouldn't be too hard to have it that way again.

But it didn't work. My hair is somehow floppier than it was before. It wouldn't stand up straight on top of my head (not straight straight, obviously, but you wouldn't stick up.) It was constantly flopping over into my face and driving me batty. The whole point of having short hair was so that I wouldn't have to fuss with it as much, and instead I was spending even more time fussing - putting product in, clipping, blow drying, spraying it furiously in hopes it would stay. I've been wearing headbands constantly the last two weeks or so.

So I whacked it all off.

Hopefully I won't regret it. But hey, it's only hair. Hair grows back.

Thanks for reading.

*This apparently is not unheard of. There's lots of anecdotal evidence out there of moms whose hair went wacko after their babies were born. Just one more way your hormones fuck you over. Yay. I also got some lovely wiry chin-hairs I didn't used to have that I now have to pluck as soon as I realize they've grown in. If I don't pluck them right away I end up fondling them absent-mindedly like a sage stroking his beard, which is so inconspicuous. Yeek.


Electric Mayhem said...

Post a photo, post a photo!

Electric Mayhem said...

Also, can you start giving us the names of the songs you get your titles from? (I'm pretty sure this one is from "Buddy".)

zachdb said...

It's true - my sister's hair went from straight to curly to straight again. Trauma too: I know someone who used to have super curly hair until a bike accident - ever since it's not even wavy.